Tunisian Crochet Tutorial: Horizontal chain increase (inc)

I have another video tutorial for you guys today, here I am showing how to work another type of tunisian crochet increase. As I have mentioned I wanted to do a couple of tutorials to make sure that everyone that wants to crochet my next pattern can use them as reference.

Tunisian crochet is not very popular and I find it difficult sometimes to search the web looking for stitches and such because everyone calls them or explains them differently, using different terms and symbols. Unlike regular crochet where everything is now standardised with tunisian we still have a bit to go to make sure that we all speak a universal language.

So to make things easier I have worked hard building a library of tunisian crochet resources in this blog which you can access to work my tunisian crochet patterns and to help you get familiarised with the technique.

Hope you find it useful đŸ™‚




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