New pattern sneak peek


I know it has been a long time since I have posted. Too long. Anyone still there?

I could say I was too busy or another excuse along those lines, but to be honest I just couldn’t find something to say and I didn’t want to force it.

Despite this dry spell I have kept on creating and designing, and today I am happy to share a sneak peek of a new shawl pattern: Ana Violeta. Because this shawl was originally created as a present to someone very dear to my heart, I felt like finally I had something to share.

I will post about how this shawl came to be soon, it is nice and exciting to share my stories with you again.

Hope you are all well, happy and surrounded by yarn 🙂




6 thoughts on “New pattern sneak peek

    1. Hi Kathy,

      Thanks for the comment! I am really looking forward to releasing the pattern, its taken a long time so also can’t wait to get it off my to do list! hahaha

      Hope you have a great week,



  1. I’m still here, too. Why would we leave you? The new pattern is wonderful to see; love the colors. Happy Halloween (Samhain).

    1. Thanks so much for the comment, nice to know people are still there! Really happy with how the shawl turned out, and had loads of fun taking the pictures with all the autumn colours around us. Happy Halloween to you too!

      Have a lovely week!



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