New pattern: Ana Violeta (and a coupon code!)


Hello there!

I am very excited to announce the release of my latest pattern: Ana Violeta. This tunisian crochet shawl is perfect to welcome the colder season and it uses beautiful yarn from Eden Cottage Yarns. You can find more information on the Ravelry page here.

There are so many ways a design can come to be, and in this case it was meant as a gift to a special person. I created the first version of this shawl as a present to a wonderful woman that has been part of my life since I was born, to whom I owe much more that I could ever share in a few words.

Some family you don’t choose, and some you do: even though we are not blood relatives, she has always been family to me. She taught me so many things: how to pray, how to set the table, how to make meringue, and most importantly, how to crochet. She showed me how kindness can change people’s lives, that patience is a virtue and that love, true love, can last a lifetime.

Her name is Ana Violeta, and to her I dedicate this shawl.

This design has made me think of the power that our projects have: how much love we put into them and how much love we can give if we present them as a gift. I don’t usually crochet for others, and therefore when I do it is extra special for me. Do you usually knit or crochet for others? Or have you ever dedicated a project to someone special that is no longer with you? Let me know in the comments.

Finally, as a little treat for you I am offering a 50% discount on this pattern until the 13th November, just use the code “TREAT50” when you are checking out on Ravelry.

Hope you a great day!




5 thoughts on “New pattern: Ana Violeta (and a coupon code!)

  1. Such an amazing design; beautiful with lots of detail. I think this may be the first Tunisian crochet pattern in the Shetland hap style. What do you think? It is a great accomplishment and a lovely tribute. Thank you for the coupon code, too. Cheers to you and your Ana Violeta!

      1. Maybe the Shetland hap style is ingrained in your subconscious memory, so you didn’t recognize it. There are other knitters who crochet (or vice versa), and once they discover your Ana Violeta design, I think you might attain universal acclaim. I can’t to wait to see. What fun. ;» )

    1. Yeah, I’ve used nagios for some time it’s pretty good. The reason I didn’t use it here is because nagios is really suited to sit on a particular server and monitor many servers and services. Where as I only wanted to monitor one server and one service. This script can also sit on any any machine with Perl (most di&7;os#821trs have it installed by default) at the ease of uploading it to the server.

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