My name is Sol and I am a crochet addict! I have known how to crochet ever since I was little but picked it up again recently after moving from Chile to Scotland. I started this blog as a way to challenge myself to start designing my own patterns, I had never considered myself a creative person and I wanted to see if I had it in me.

After blogging for some time now I have not only designed patterns (which are available for free here in this space) but have also learned so many new techniques and some awesome people along the way in this crochet journey of mine. I am constantly inspired by the amazing makers you can find in the fibre world and I am working to hopefully be a source of inspiration to some of you as well.

Crochet is a beautiful technique but for many people it is still behind knitting in terms of wearability and style. I see many patterns out there for home accessories such as beautiful blankets but I really want to spread the word about other gorgeous patterns and techniques which are pushing the boundaries and making crochet more fashionable and stylish.

Through patterns, tutorials and inspiration from others in this industry I hope to take you on a crochet journey that will inspire you to grab your hook and make beautiful things you never expected could be done with crochet. Thanks for stopping by!




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    1. That is so nice!! So happy to hear you like my blog, thank you :):):) Of course I accept! Will check it out later today, I am at work now but had to thank you 😛



  1. I am a lifelong crocheter, since childhood, as long as I can remember really. In the last few recent years I have dabbled in tunisian crochet–that is to say, I own two sets of needles, a couple books, and have a few swatch samples lying about. About the same goes for Fair Isle. Your blog might just be the motivation I need to explore further. And your photographs are lovely. 🙂

    1. Hello! Thank you so much for your comments and I would be honoured to be your motivation! I have become obsessed with tunisian crochet and colourwork and haven’t used any other technique in a while now. I find tunisian very relaxing, much more than normal crochet, and the fabric is just gorgeous. If you do decide to give a try to some tunisian patterns I would love to hear how you are doing and would be happy to help as well.
      Hope to hear from you again soon!

  2. I looked at your recent picture of your shawl and in the background out your window it looked very familiar so I thought I’d read your bio and I was not surprised to see you were living in Scotland ☺️ Now isn’t that strange with such a small piece of a jigsaw I thought that’s Scotland I would hate to say where and be totally wrong but it was a pleasant little trip down memory lane looking out that window lol hope your enjoying Scotland ?

  3. Qué divertido, encontré tu tote bag en pinterest y cuando vi qud decía Sol Rencoret pensé “Suena a nombre de chilena” y ahora veo que no estaba tan perdida jaj.
    Precioso todo lo que haces y muchas gracias por los patrones gratis!
    Estoy recién empezando con tapestry y aun no me sale muy bien, pero me gusta mucho así que sigo intentando 💪.
    Gracias y que estés muy bien

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