Tutorial: Tunisian Purl Stitch (Tps)

It’s been a while since I have shared a tutorial with you guys, they take quite a bit of time but I have noticed that a lot of the traffic to the blog is to check out tutorials and patterns so I am sharing another one today and there are a couple more on the way.

When teaching tunisian crochet I find that the tunisian purl stitch is a stitch some people struggle with while others find it just fine, so don’t get discouraged if it is a bit awkward at first, it may take some getting used to but it is a very good stitch to learn since it gives lovely texture to your fabric and also counteracts curling (if you don’t want your edges to curl start and finish your project with a few rows of tunisian purl stitch).

I have worked a few rows of tunisian simple stitch to get started, check out my tutorials page if you are just starting with tunisian.


Here is our undefined row, we will be working into the front vertical bars to work the purl stitch. IMG_0501_1

As always, skip the first vertical bar that is linked to the loop on your hook. Now bring your yarn to the front of your hook as shown below.

Maintaining the yarn in front, insert your hook from right to left under front vertical bar of next stitch (just as you would for Tss)…IMG_0506_1

… and let the working yarn fall in front of the stitch creating a cross as you can see in the picture. IMG_0508_1

Now all that is left to do is yarn over and pull through the loop. To make things easier for you go ahead and hold the working yarn with your thumb to make it easier to pull the yarn over through. IMG_0510_1 IMG_0511_1 IMG_0512_1

Now give it a little tug… IMG_0513_1

And move on to the next stitch, remember to bring the yarn in front of your hook before starting each stitch.IMG_0514_1 IMG_0517_1 IMG_0519_1 IMG_0520_1 IMG_0521_1 IMG_0522_1 IMG_0523_1

The end stitch is worked as usual, going under two loops instead of one.

IMG_0526_1 IMG_0527_1 IMG_0528_1

And there you have it! IMG_0534_1

Hope that is clear, if not just leave a comment and I will do my best to help.

Have a great weekend everyone!