Killing my yarn stash: Yeoman Yarns Red Lace


Hope you are all having a lovely day. Following the introduction of myself and my yarn stash killing project I thought you might want to see what I have accomplished so far. My first project was to find a purpose for a red lace yarn from Yeoman Yarns. They have some lovely colours if you want to check them out. This yarn is not soft, but not too scratchy either. I bought it to make a shawl for a friend, I used the pattern Love is a Prism by Julia Wardell (beautiful!) but got loads of yarn left.

I wanted a really simple project and remembered that I had really liked the tunisian crossed stitch in the shawl pattern so decided to use that and just simple stitch, I really like the result. I used the biggest hook I had to make it lacy.



It looked boring without some fun edging, I knew how I wanted it to look but couldn’t come up with a way to do it so finally I found a pattern in a Japanese crochet book that is very similar to my mental image and I think it really adds to the final result. I will write up the pattern and post it soon, if you have not tried tunisian crochet this is a very simple project to start with.





By the way I still have yarn left! I could’ve made it longer but I was getting bored… I know, should’ve just used it all but too late now 😛 If you are in need of some red lace yarn please let me know.




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