A journey update


Hello everyone! I wanted to keep you updated on what I have been working on lately and share some ideas of posts to come. I am still working on my shawl pattern, not long to go to show you the final result and I am writing the pattern as I go so shouldn’t be that long to have it up on the blog for you guys. I am sharing some pictures of the progress, really loving this pattern so far!


shawl 4


I also started working on a pair of mittens that I found by Bianca Boonstra on the last issue of Inside Crochet. I am using that Jawoll yarn I bought in the Edinburgh Yarn Crawl, I think I am doing the tip on the mustard colour and the rest in the nice pink/purple one.


I am also in the lookout for at least a couple of hats for this winter. I have thought of designing a nice fair isle beanie but I am not sure… it might take a while and I may need it sooner rather than later! So I have been looking for patterns on Ravelry and I am still deciding between a few. There is the beautiful Knarled Bark Hat by Joanne Scrace which has a very autumn look to it, the Pizzelle Beret by Linda Permann with those stunning cables or the oh so cute Molly Hat by Claire Montgomerie. I can also give another try to the Phoenix Hat by Aoibhe Ni since the one I finished fits like two heads inside.

Knarled Bark by Joanne Scrace
Knarled Bark by Joanne Scrace


Pizzelle Beret by
Pizzelle Beret by Linda Permann
Molly Hat by Claire Montgomerie
Molly Hat by Claire Montgomerie
Phoenix Hat by Aoibhe Ni
Phoenix Hat by Aoibhe Ni

Hard to decide! So that is what I have been up to lately, I am also just finishing a Craftsy class about fair isle crochet (which I started months ago) and would like to do a review for you guys. I am buying Inside Crochet every month lately so might do a favourites of the month post and I would also like to share some useful books to help you find stitches or inspiration. Hope that is OK with everyone ๐Ÿ˜‰

Stay tuned!




2 thoughts on “A journey update

  1. Sigh. You’re really trying to make me buy an Aoibhe Ni pattern, aren’t you? You could really fit two heads into that hat? That means it would only be slightly large for me, which would be a novel sensation. I’ve been cursed with an overly large head, so most hat patterns are too snug to extremely painful.

    As for book review, books are always wonderful!

    1. hahaha She is a really good designer! It might be a bit exaggerated but it ended up being quite big though nothing to do with the pattern and more with me not doing a proper gauge ๐Ÿ˜› It is definitely not a fitted hat so if you prefer them looser the Phoenix one might be worth trying.

      I have many ideas for reviews… just not enough time to write them all! hahaha if only there were more hours to the day…

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