© Patrick Hassel-Zein
© Patrick Hassel-Zein

I consider myself to be easily obsessed by a lot of things. My mum has always commented on this and according to her I have always been that way:, if I really liked something I suddenly got obsessed with it and liked only that specific thing until I got bored and found another one.

I can think of many examples of this, from books I can’t put down and therefore can’t sleep or eat until they are finished, to food I just can’t stop eating (jammy biscuits at the moment) and many things in between. Some last longer than others and I guess this crochet phase fits into that category, along with my “I can’t live without make-up phase” which lasted a couple of years.

Being obsessed with something is different than liking, or loving it. Obsession is when you can’t stop thinking about it, when the longing interferes with your life and basic needs. I have loved many crochet patterns for example, either by first sight or after working through them and just really enjoying the process.

Lately however I have found myself obsessed with a pattern I saw on Ravelry and can’t get it off my head! It is a tunisian shawl designed by Patrick Hassel-Zein using some beautifully rustic Icelandic wool. I saw it and I knew it was not love… this was once again an obsession.

I need to do this pattern. It’s not that I would like to, I just have to. I know myself by now and I know I won’t let it go until it happens. I have yarn for MANY patterns, including yarn for some designs I have in my head that I would really like to start sampling for but I know it will all probably be delayed a bit. From the moment I realised that the perfect yarn used in the pattern is stocked by one of my LYS I knew what was going to happen.

And I sense it will happen soon…





9 thoughts on “Obsessed

  1. Been there, done that, still doing it. I have learned, when the obsession takes hold, to think really hard if anyone I know would actually wear/use it. I can usually talk myself down if I realize I won’t actually wear the thing.

    1. You are very wise! I think if I made this I would like to keep it neutral with just a bit of colour as the picture. Haven’t talked myself out of it yet but maybe I will come to my senses.. we shall see!

  2. I once came across a blogger who described themselves as ‘a creature of wild enthusiasms’, which I absolutely loved as a description. Some people (like my husband) seem to be able to enjoy things gently, or never really get into anything in particular. Some of us (like us!) have to commit completely to whatever it is we’re doing at the time. On the down side, it can become all-consuming until we move onto the next thing. On the up side, it’s surprisingly how many things I can do, because I became obsessed with them, read everything I could, then dropped them again. You never know when a detailed knowledge of Stargate: Atlantis or the best way to record your own voice ;D is going to be useful!

    That’s such a lovely shaw, I think you’ll get a lot of wear out of it, and if it will make your heart happy to make it, then it sounds like an excellent plan 🙂

    1. That is such a good description! I think all the crafts I have tried have fallen on the obsession category at the beginning, baking as well hahaha I have to say my memory does betray me so I don’t think they stick with me that long, which makes it more fun I guess to pick them up again! I do love that shawl, I need to make sure I choose colours that I can wear with most of my things, I usually get excited when buying yarn and then realise the amazing colour I chose doesn’t go with anything I own 😛

      Have a great day!

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