The “latina” in me…

Is the title “killing my yarn stash” a bit too much? English is not my first language and where I come from we are a lot more exaggerated with our phrasing and we throw words like “kill”, “love” and “hate” to a conversation without adding more meaning to it.

The same applies to when we do something “a million times” when here it might be “a few times” (by the way anything more than a couple qualifies into the million category). So I apologise if the title startled you, no intentions of killing my yarn (no idea what that would imply… dividing the strands? setting it on fire?), just trying to get rid of some. Of course I am just kidding myself because as soon as I get rid of some I feel the right to buy more, but still.

Maybe I will change the title to something more polite… reducing my yarn stash? minimising my yarn stash? Ok, might need a bit of time to think about it 😛


2 thoughts on “The “latina” in me…

  1. Definitely agree that to repeat anything more than twice can quite easily be put into the “millions” category, I’m just chuckling to myself of how else you might kill your yarn stash 🙂

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