Reading and crocheting… at the same time!


I want to share my new found love for audiobooks. This, my dear reader, was not an easy transition. As many of you out there I started my love affair with books at a time when they were thick, heavy and had that wonderful smell (new or old, books have an amazing smell). I was the kind of person that could be seen walking the streets of my home city while reading without ever running into any trees, lamp posts or people (just had a couple of close calls).

When the e-readers came out I was as offended as everyone else and declared my loyalty to “real books”. Then the fact that you could carry a huge title in a thin device and that you could download books in seconds instead of ordering them online and getting them a month later (the curse of international shipping to third world countries) won me over. I bought my Kindle and thought the days of change were over.

Then this crochet obsession began and when I started missing my books I decided to try audiobooks. I have never liked when people read to me but I thought it was worth the try. And it definitely was: audiobooks are the best thing ever. I use Audible so I can listen to the books on my phone, not only while I crochet but when I am walking or commuting to work. Reading on a vehicle is an old dream of mine that had never come true because I get motion sickness in any kind of moving vehicle that can be classified as being more sophisticated than a scooter. Who said dreams can’t come true?

If you want to try them the Audible membership is very reasonable, though always listen to the samples before buying, you don’t want to get stuck with a really annoying voice for more than 8 hours of your life. Some libraries offer free audiobooks, I have tried the ones offered at the Edinburgh Library, not many titles but they are free.

Off to my yarn and book!




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