Little squares of joy


I have never been good with colour. From my clothes to my crochet projects it has always been hard to put them together, and I usually end up mixing two tones of the same colour. I think that is one of the reasons why I always used to crochet projects in one colour, well that and having to hide all those ends of course.

A few months ago I saw this blanket while browsing patterns in Ravelry and I fell in love. After avoiding colour for a long time I decided to take on the challenge of a granny square blanket! Crazy, I know. I was determined to get through it because of the beautiful end result but I didn’t think I would enjoy the process as much. I decided to go with the same colours as the pattern since picking so many colours on my own would take me years, bought a big storage bag to put it all in and set off.


It took only a few squares to realise how wrong I was and to name this project as my happy blanket: there is no other way of describing it as colour happiness. Every time I make a square there is this happy, cozy feeling inside and a smile on my face. 5 rows of squares later and the feeling hasn’t gone away, and I think I will actually finish this blanket one day!


And that’s not all. I am already looking for more blankets to do!




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