Inside a book, don’t disturb!

I am writing this post but I am not really here. I work, eat, sleep, crochet and go around my day but the truth is that my head and body are being pulled into a different world, one much more exciting, magical and adventurous than mine.

Ever since I found my passion for reading it has been very hard to pull away from the gravity of an unfinished book that has me enthralled. Every day activities seem even harder and so mundane in comparison to what I have been living through the words of the author. Never does it bother me so much to be ordinary than times like this.

Soon the words will end and I will remember how much I enjoy my ordinary life and how it is also filled with love and adventure. For now, I still wish I was in a different skin, living a life that is not real nor my own, but that feels as real as these words.





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