Toreador Free Pattern


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I promised this pattern long ago, sorry for the wait! Have been working on my geometric pattern and hadn’t been able to get my head out of it long enough to write this one, but it is finally here. This pattern uses Tunisian and normal crochet. If you are not familiar with Tunisian crochet this pattern is really simple, check out the following videos to get the basics and a detailed explanation of the two stitches I used.

Tunisian Crochet – Foundation Rows, Simple Stitch, and Slip Stitch Bind Off

Cross Stitch

I crocheted the scarf first, then did the edging and finally joined it to make it a cowl/infinity scarf. I blocked it after I had done this so it was folded, it wasn’t ideal but worked just fine. You could block it before joining it if you have somewhere big enough to do this.


Toreador Pattern


6mm Tunisian crochet hook (30cm long)

5mm crochet hook

Yeoman Fifty/Fifty 2ply in Toreador (I used 72g)

Needle to weave in ends.



Ch – Chain

End st – Last stitch on forward pass

Lp – Loop(s)

Sk – Skip

Sl st – Slip stitch

St – Stitch(es)

Tss – Tunisian simple stitch

Txs – Tunisian cross stitch

YO – Yarn over

dc – UK double crochet

tr – UK treble


Stitch Guide

Foundation forward pass: Insert hook on back bump of second ch from hook, YO and pull up a loop, *insert hook on back bump of next ch, YO and pull up a loop, repeat from * until last ch.

Return pass: YO and pull through 1 lp, *YO and pull through 2 lps, repeat from * until you have 1 lp on hook.

Txs:  Skip 1 st, Tss in next st, return to sk st and Tss over last st made.

End St: Last st of the forward pass is made into ch created by the return pass. Insert your hook under the vertical bar where you usually do it AND the strand behind it and pull up a loop (check the video links to see this in detail).

Binding off: As with every row you start with one lp on your hook. For each stitch, insert hook as normal (depending on weather it is a Tss or Txs), YO and pull through both loops (through the st and the loop you had already). Continue until the last st.


Ch 44. Work foundation forward pass (44st, each lp on the hook is a st). Work return pass.

Row 1: Skip first vertical bar, Tss in next 3 st, Txs 2 times, *Tss in next 4 st, Txs 2 times, repeat 4 times from *, Tss in next 3 st, End st. Work return pass. (44 st)

Row 2 – 197: Repeat Row 1.

Row 198: Repeat Row 1 binding off each st (not leaving the st on the hook). Don’t cut yarn.



The edging requires a number of stitches multiple of 6. I found it in a Japanese crochet book and have written instructions as clear as I can and also pasted an image of the chart to make it easier to understand.

Turn your work so that you are working on the long edge of the scarf. Change to a 5mm crochet hook.

Row 1: Ch 1, dc in next stitch until the end. Turn (198st).

Row 2: Ch 1, dc in next st, *ch 7, 2tr on 4th ch from hook, ch 3, sl st to ch where you did the 2tr, ch 3, sk 5st from previous row, dc in next st, repeat from * until last st. Cut yarn, fasten off.

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 for other long edge. Join two shorter edges and wet block.

Japanese Crochet Book
Crochet Lace Japanese Crochet Book – ISSUU


Here is the Ravelry link. Please let me know if you have any questions!





7 thoughts on “Toreador Free Pattern

  1. Thank you so much for sharing, what a beautiful creation, it may be a while until I can muster up the talent to conjurer up something as lovely as this, but I can sit here and admire your handiwork all the same 🙂

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