Quality over quantity

Hello everyone! I am sitting at the lobby of a hotel in Dublin, I am here for work and since I have 15 minutes before having to walk to the office I thought I would write a post for you. I was going to write a review of a video download for a tunisian crochet class but I changed my mind while walking from my room to here.

I have been very busy at work these past few weeks and have not had much time for crocheting or taking photos for my tutorials. The strange thing is that I have been feeling very guilty about this and it is a feeling that has hovered over me every day this week, that I need to post something in the blog because I can’t let a whole week pass without posting something… right?

Last week I read a blog post (can’t remember from where but I can look for it later) about the new trends in blogging, and one of them was quality over quantity. Professional bloggers (I mean those who make their living out of blogging) are cutting down the amount of posts per day and focusing on sharing good content rather than making sure there are X amount of posts on their blogs. They are making sure each post is a story worth sharing, with good quality pictures, graphics and I guess with a good amount of love. The interesting thing is that sharing less posts hasn’t meant losing followers, quite the opposite actually.

I love writing posts for you guys but just like everyone else, sometimes I don’t have the time for it. The holidays are coming and then I will have plenty of time to work on my patterns and tutorials and I will catch up on everything, but for now a 15-min post is all I can give you guys. I know this post is to convince myself rather than you and I am sure all the lovely people who have subscribed to my blog will understand this but I just wanted to explain why I haven’t and will not post for a few days. I have a few tutorials, patterns  and reviews coming up though so stay tuned! There is plenty of crochet love to share and I will be back once life stops getting in the way 😉

Have a nice day 🙂




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