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Every blog, magazine and newspaper I have read in the last couple of weeks has featured something about new year’s resolutions, how to stay healthy, how to keep your stress down and much more. A new year is indeed a new beginning even if resolutions are usually out of our minds by February.

To be honest I have never followed the trend of doing resolutions or to treat January any differently than the year before, but this year I am feeling a bit more positive (and maybe wiser) so I don’t mind joining the crowds and follow the masses. I turned 29 yesterday so maybe it is just the nostalgia of leaving my 20’s behind, but who cares? Sometimes you try so hard to be different and unique when you should just do what makes you happy, no matter if anyone or no one is doing it.

I don’t want to look back on this year and realise I didn’t accomplish anything because I was too broad with my resolutions, so I will try to be quite specific about what I want to achieve and hopefully that will make it a bit easier. They are still quite challenging, but of course they should be. So… here are my resolutions, or maybe wishes, for 2015:

1.ย Appreciate the wonderful things in my life more often and write them down at least once a month: I am a very pessimist person, I always see the black in life and fail to see the bright things around me. I have been so fortunate in life and want to keep this present more often to help me on those dark times. It sounds a bit silly but I am sure I read somewhere that it is helpful to put it on writing… well if not then I’m doing it anyway!

2. Give a real try to yoga: 2014 was marked by an increasing anxiety that still overwhelms me.ย I have always been anxious about anything and everything, sometimes I can’t logically understand why a certain situation gets me that way and this is really difficult for my logical mind. So when I felt like it was just too much I looked for help and it has given me hope. I have been recommended to try out yoga and meditation so I want to give it a real try since my body is craving for some relaxation. By a real try I mean not bolting after one class!

3. Make this blog more personal: I love posting patterns and it drives most of my readers but whenever I read blogs I am always drawn to the ones that a are a bit more personal. The posts that shareย the good times and the bad times, the ones that share love, not only for their craft but for life. This post is my first try at making this resolution a reality, I would like to share a bit about life in general in all my posts and not only yarn and crochet (though there will always be plenty of that don’t worry!)

4. Take more photographs, go on a photo journey around town once a month: I really like photography, I am always in awe by the quality of photographs of blogs nowadays and how people take their camera everywhere and capture beautiful moments and places. I never take pictures, not even of my boyfriend and I! I don’t know why but I am a bit embarrassed about going out by myself with my camera around my neck or taking my camera out in social occasions. I really don’t know why ๐Ÿ˜› So it is a really good reason to do it just because of that.

5. Throw a dinner party for friends: This sounds so lame! I used to invite people over to my flat in my home country all the time, for a movie, for dinner, for ice cream in front of the TV, anything! Ever since I moved to the UK I have been a bit less social and also the culture here is different and people don’t invite to each other’s homes as often as in South America. However, I should make an effort and throw at least one dinner party in my flat this year, it will be an excuse to clean my flat at least! ๐Ÿ™‚

6. Participate more in the wooly, knitty and crochet world: I think the knitting/crochet community is one of the most awesome things ever. I have met so many nice people through my knit club and have received such beautiful comments from readers that I can’t be anything than grateful to be part of it. However, I haven’t been interacting in this world enough: through comments in other blogs, twitter, instagram or Ravelry forums so I really want to make an effort to get to know this crafty world even better and participate in more groups on Ravelry. I have just become a member of the Knit British group, if you haven’t heard Louise’s podcast I truly recommend it even though there is no crochet in it ๐Ÿ˜›

So there you have it, I think six is a good number and it doesn’t seem impossible to achieve. I could even share some of this here in the blog if you guys are interested, let me know! And if you have any resolutions of your own I would love to hear about them, just leave a comment ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you have a great weekend!




8 thoughts on “New year, new page

  1. My only resolution this year s to get through my upcoming surgery and rehab. But you have some good ones that seem very doable. Tip: Try a yoga class and if you don’t care for it, try Pilates. Yoga just didn’t feel relaxing or sustainable to me, but I’ve been doing Pilates for over a year now. So go for what works.

    1. Thank you for the advice, I will keep it in mind if yoga doesn’t fit with me. Best of luck with your surgery and hope this year is one of the good ones for you!

  2. Sol, That all sounds great! I committed to yoga when I started doing it at home. I went to a whole yoga day as my intro, then several classes but in the end it was home practice that worked best for me. It is easier to fit in my schedule and doesn’t take as long. Classes usually being an hour and a half long, plus add on commute. Some online classes are 20 minutes and very effective. Funny really, because in earlier years I would not have been able to exercise except at the gym. If you have interest, I can send you my fave on-line sites. All the best and happy belated birthday. Melissa

    1. Hi Melissa, I think yoga at home will be the best solution for me as well, I work away from home most of the week so attending classes would be very difficult. There is a Zumba class right in front of my flat that I like to go to when I am not travelling and even that (literally just crossing the street) I can’t bring myself to do sometimes! Thank you for your offer to share your fave online sites, would love to get some recommendations and it might just help other readers who might be interested in trying it as well. I hope you have a great year and keep on with the yoga since you are my motivation that “at home yoga” can work! xx Sol

      1. This is a terrific site
        , I particularly like Fiji as a teacher. But, wow, are there choices!
        Also google “Esther Ekhart youtube”. She offers beginner and intermediate level. And “Dagmar Spremberg youtube” has a few amazing practices that are intermediate level. Both of these ladies are eastern European and have really soothing voices.
        Happy to help. Melissa ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I definitely will! I have been wanting to go out and get some pictures taken but the weather has been dreadful lately, and when I tried to get some of my new tea display on the kitchen windowsill the windows were all condensed and it just didn’t look nice. Maybe this weekend will be the one! Thank you for the support and hope you have a great 2015 x Sol

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