I would like to thank the nice comments I got for my resolution’s post, I really appreciate the support! I have made some progress there and will share it in due time. Today I would like to share what is in my hook these days or my works in progress (WIPs).

I usually love most of my crochet projects but I am particularly happy with my WIPs this month since they all happen to be my own designs and have worked out great (so far).


The first is this cowl inspired on the beautiful cobbled streets you can find in Edinburgh. Even though I am always tripping or getting my shoe in between the stones I am in love with cobbled streets and this is my tribute! I am not sure if this will be a very short cowl or more like an infinity scarf, I will work on the pattern until I ran out of yarn and then decide.


I am using that lovely Madelinetosh yarn I shared with you recently and I think it gives the exact effect I was looking for: that change in colour but also a bit of shine which reminds me of cobbled streets after the rain (which of course happens very often in Scotland). Once it is finished I will post pictures of the finished sample and a picture of my inspiration as well. This has been my “train project” lately and it has been such a joy to work on, simple pattern in a beautiful yarn.


That gorgeous yarn bowl in the pictures is a present I received from my sister for Christmas. Isn’t the most beautiful thing ever? I love it! If you are interested in buying one of these beauties here is the Etsy shop where my sister bought it from, I had a little browse and wanted to buy everything to be honest. *I just found out that my sister actually asked the shop owner to make this baby seal yarn bowl specially for me! She has the design on other products but not yarn bowls, best sister ever 🙂

Also, I am working on a bag pattern, my first bag! It is very early on but so far it is turning out as planned. It uses tapestry crochet and is inspired on this picture I found on Pinterest.

Royal Design Studio Stencils
Royal Design Studio Stencils

No pictures of this WIP yet but will keep you updated as usual.

I am also working on a pattern for a workshop, I am so excited and scared at the same time when it comes to teaching, definitely more excitement than fear though so I think we are good! It will be a very simple pattern to learn how to crochet basic tunisian stitches and a couple of more advanced ones, it is blocking at the moment so almost finished.

Also on my blocking mat is… my tunisian vest! This vest… OMG, it really needs to get done. It is looking good, though I will probably have to add a bit of length to it with a few rows of ribbed crochet to make sure I actually wear it. Just some sewing and those few rows to add length and I’ll be done. Pictures coming soon!

Those are my WIPs at the moment, I will start swatching soon for a sweater by Doris Chan for a new Interweave class I purchased, and I bought the yarn for that Piped Petals pattern that I shared on my queue post so I will have to start that soon as well.

A lot of crochet in my life as usual but so happy with all my projects. The whole process from the inspiration for a pattern, to choosing the yarn and then making a sample is just so satisfying and it is definitely the kind of things that I try to fill my mind with when I start getting too worried or anxious. I just go to my happy place where I am just crocheting away, surrounded by beautiful yarn and with not a worry in the world.

Thanks for visiting and have a great day!




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