Yarn cake love and giveaway winner


Hello there! I am having a lazy Saturday night and thought I should write a few blog posts for you. The lovely yarn cakes in the picture were my activity of last Saturday night (you can see how wild my weekends are) after I purchased a yarn winder and swift.

It took a few tries to get it right and I still manage to get everything tangled every now and then but this yarn winding thing is very addictive, I must warn you! It was frustrating when I couldn’t get a nice cake but after getting one right I couldn’t stop. I am not even showing all the ones I did that night in the picture, there were four more I believe.



I am predicting there will be loads more yarn winding in my future after the Edinburgh Yarn Festival so I am trying to get all my current skeins done in preparation 🙂

Weekends are lonely sometimes in this new city I call home, so my yarn and crochet keep me company. I am very thankful to have this craft and this blog in my life and for you lovely readers who stop by to read my words or see my patterns. I shared with you in my resolutions post that I wanted to start appreciating the good things in my life and I have actually kept my promise, I have a little notebook that goes with me everywhere and I have been writing down a few things when they come to me. I will share a post with more detail of this every month, the January one will come soon.

Finally I wanted to announce the winner for the #crochet giveaway (chosen using random.org):


I really did get a number 2 on random.org, it is not because you said you liked my pattern, I swear! Thank you for your comment, I will be contacting you through email to ask your details and get that magazine sent to you soon. Thank you to all others who left a comment, love reading them 🙂

Hope you all have a great week!




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