A shawl to warm my heart

IMG_1795*One of the most special purchases during my trip through the Scottish Highlands was the yarn I got from Ann at Dragonfly Studio in the Isle of Skye. These skeins were hand spun and hand dyed by Ann, and I just can’t get over them. The first think I noticed when I was in her studio was the softness of the yarn, as well as the little tags with a name on them, which turned out to be the name of the sheep from where the yarn came from.


I can’t tell you how special this is, to get so close and personal to how the yarn in my hands came to be. I knew the name and breed of the sheep, and also the person whose hands had spun and dyed this special yarn. It is a lovely chain of craft and passion, and I couldn’t wait to add my own hands to this chain.


I purchased two skeins, one from Lydia who is the pretty Shetland sheep you can see in the picture, Ann was kind enough to share this photo and give me permission to use it on the blog. Lydia’s skein was hand spun by Ann and left with its natural colour which is an exquisite cream. The second skein comes from Kezia’s fleece, a Shetland and Cheviot sheep which was hand spun and dyed with gorse, giving it a soft oatmeal colour. 

This yarn was screaming to be a cozy shawl to warm me up in the flat during the cold months to come. I am sharing a sneak peak of how it is coming along, I am loving it so much already. The yarn is so soft, still a bit greasy but it doesn’t bother me at all. I have been catching myself burying my face in this shawl while I am knitting it, just to smell it and feel the fibre on my face.

IMG_1603* IMG_1799* IMG_1801*

I know that this shawl will not only keep my shoulders warm, but also warm my heart every time I remember all the love it went into it. From sheep to shawl, it is one special journey and I am enjoying the simple pleasure of being a small part of it.

Please make sure to visit Ann at her Dragonfly Studio and other amazing artists in the Isle of Skye, you can find details and tips on my latest post here

Thanks for reading and hope you all have a great weekend!




5 thoughts on “A shawl to warm my heart

  1. Wow Sol! You are just flying with all the knitting you have been up to! That shawl is looking gorgeous! It shouldn’t surprise me that both of us bought hand spun yarn on our summer holidays this year! We seem to do everything in tandem! Can’t wait to see your post telling about the pattern for the shawl and revealing more of its soft loveliness!

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