Hello again…

Colours of Chile

Loads has happened since I last wrote in this space. I turned 30, visited my family in Chile after more than three years away, I started to learn how to weave, bought (loads) of yarn, started reading Harry Potter again, unsubscribed to Inside Crochet (is it just me or they used to be a lot better?) and much more.

I can’t really explain my absence: all I can say is that it wasn’t planned and even though I missed it I am also glad I gave myself some breathing room. Now many months later my space in the bloggersphere is calling me back so here I am everyone: older (though probably not wiser) and ready to bring you the stories that surround the stitches that make up each of my days. Again. Welcome back to my crochet (and now also knitting!) journey πŸ™‚

Will be back soon with a sneak peek to a new pattern I am working on and some designing confessions…

Have a great week everyone!




4 thoughts on “Hello again…

  1. Welcome back, Sol! You were missed! Glad you had a chance to reconnect with family πŸ™‚ can’t wait to hear all your yarny tales…and other interesting things! And happy belated birthday…it really is just a number! πŸ™‚

    1. My dear Cyndy,

      Thank you! It is good to be back… I am handling my new decade a lot better than I thought hahaha Hope you are having a great 2016 so far,

      Much love to you and your family,


    1. Hi Becca,

      Thank you! It was definitely a warmer birthday than it would have been in Scotland πŸ™‚ I had a lovely time.

      Hope you are well and stay in touch!



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