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262 patterns

Hello my dear readers! Hope you are all doing great wherever you are. A few weeks ago I shared with you some books that I have found useful for crocheters and promised to be back with tips for online resources. It took a while but here it is!

I definitely prefer actual books and magazines rather than the online version but sometimes obtaining the physical book is either expensive or just not possible, and you can find many free resources in the web. I will begin with Japanese stitch dictionaries: yes, they are in Japanese, but don’t fear! They are still a great tool. Here you have a couple available for download if you create an account at Issuu:

262 Crochet Patterns

300 Crochet Patterns

All the patterns come with charts and those are not hard to decipher, symbols are the same in any language and you can do a quick google search for Japanese crochet charts to find out all you need to know.

japanese patterns

Issuu is a great place to look for other publications, Japanese or not. Just type in “crochet” in the search bar and you will find loads of magazines and books to browse. Though most of them won’t be available for download you can still read them online. I have downloaded quite a few Japanese crochet magazines, they are so inspirational and all the patterns come with charts in case you want to give them a try.

japanese mag

Other great online resources are Craftsy classes. I have reviewed one and I am doing a series on another, most of them are paid but I haven’t mentioned they have free mini classes, one is currently available called Amazing Crochet Textures, the platform is really good so recommend you check it out.

Finally I would like to mention the free Interweave Ebooks. I have talked before about Interweave Crochet Magazine and they also have many free ebooks available for different techniques, such as crochet cables, tunisian crochet, felting, and much more. They usually explain the technique and include a few patterns to try it out, they are not always great patterns but it is free and allows you to learn by doing.

Hope that was useful and if you know of any other great resources for us crochet lovers feel free to share them in the comments!






2 thoughts on “Online resources for crocheters

  1. Thank you! I am an avid crocheter, teacher & designer.
    Thank you for your information that you give. It’s a blessing in disguise.

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