My custom-fit vest with Dora: Armhole swatch and length alterations

photo 4

It has been a while but I am back with an update on my vest. A few weeks ago I started a new Craftsy class that teaches you how to custom-fit a pattern using a tunisian crochet vest as example. I have done a post showing my materials, another one with my first alterations and now I will share with you how my armhole swatch went and the last alteration I did before starting the pattern.

So as I mentioned before, the instructor asks for you to make an armhole swatch with your bust alterations to make sure that everything works as planned. I finally finished mine and I am happy to announce all is looking good! I am a bit short on row gauge again but that can be fixed with blocking and the weight of the fabric will stretch it out a bit as well. I had planned to take a picture of the swatch, but that was before I unravelled it while talking to my mum over the phone (never make decisions while on the phone!), but basically it is an upper quarter of the front of your vest, from your shoulder to your bust and from the middle of your front to your armhole.

After this the only alterations left were length and hip. I have small hips so I didn’t need any changes there, but I had to add one or two rows to the length and also change the proportions. Now, length alterations are supposed to be easier than bust alterations but for some reason I really struggled with it. In the portion of the pattern below your bust you have more rows before the waist than after, but when I measured myself it turns out I have the same distance from waist to end of vest than from waist to bust, so had to change the distribution of the rows. Luckily, the instructor answered all my questions on the discussion board, and now I finally have all my alterations done and have started the back!

I will keep you posted on my progress…




2 thoughts on “My custom-fit vest with Dora: Armhole swatch and length alterations

  1. I WANT. That vest–your colors are beautiful!! That magenta/purple whatever it is color is one of my favorites. (do not have time, do not have time, do not go to the site . ..) Seriously, it’s looking good, and you should have a garment that looks fabulous on you.

    1. I really like the colours too, and you should add it to your list! Maybe not now but one day? hahaha I have actually unravelled it twice already because I have not been consistent with my tension, and now that I think I got comfortable with how loose or tight to make the stitches I think I actually have to go down a hook size! So all over again including the armhole swatch… I will have it finished by next year at this rate hahaha

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