Molly hat and sneak peek of Xmas pattern

photo 2

Hello there! Life treating you good? I sure hope so. Mine has been very busy lately but I bring you an update on my progress on winter warmers. Remember my Molly hat? Well, it is finished and I think this is the first hat I’ve made that actually fits me properly.

photo 3

The colours turned out well, but I am afraid the pom-pom part was a bit of a disaster. Not only have I discovered I can’t make pom-poms but even after getting a decent one (after many attempts) I realised it was a bit smaller than I would’ve liked. Since I was so mad by then I decided to stick it on anyway, so that at least it would be worth the effort. It’s not great but it’s not too bad either, maybe one day I will make one the right size but don’t see that happening anytime soon…

Speaking of pom-poms… I thought you might want to see a sneak peak of that Xmas pattern I mentioned. Ta-dah!

photo 1

These tree decorations are so adorable… I just love them. I really want to make a tutorial of them so that it is easier for you guys so I will post the pattern in a couple of weeks if that is OK. They are dead easy and quick but there are colour changes in a couple of rows so I thought it might be helpful. Still plenty of time for Christmas by then πŸ™‚

photo 2


photo 5




3 thoughts on “Molly hat and sneak peek of Xmas pattern

    1. It’s a lovely pattern, you can find it on Issue 57 of Inside Crochet if you are interested, works up really fast with an aran weight yarn πŸ™‚ And thank you, I can’t get enough of those tiny hats, pattern coming soon so hope you try to make your own! Have a great day x Sol

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