The honeycomb question and how it will shape this space

Sometimes patterns just come to my head. I had been trying for months to find a use for a few of balls of West Yorkshire Spinners, I have one ball per colour and most of them don’t go well together. One of them is a dark grey, which should be quite easy to use but is the one that had not been touched. I thought to pair it up with white, and then bam! I thought of tunisian honeycomb stitch and how lovely it would look with both colours.

So I started swatching but realised soon that the idea I had in my head wasn’t going to work with a flat pattern: it would have to be done in the round. I was so disappointed, I wanted to post the pattern in the blog but now it wouldn’t be possible, I thought. I am not confident with tunisian in the round, and even if I were it is just too difficult, people won’t want to do it. People want easy patterns, not complicated things… right? Tunisian crochet is weird enough, add circular to that and I would just scare people away and who wants to write patterns that no one will use?

And then I stopped and remembered the reasons why I started this blog. Some were personal but others had to do with sharing a different angle of crochet, and how much more it had to offer. And to do it for free, so everyone could have access to my patterns and learn these new techniques. Should I not post a pattern because I think it’s too difficult then? If I can do it then everyone else willing to try definitely can. And if they need to learn some techniques to follow the pattern, then why not share them as well? I admit tutorials take forever to do, but my fingerless mitts tutorial is by far my most popular post. And what does that tell me? People want to learn, they just want someone willing to take the time to teach them.

So, my dear readers, I have decided to teach you tunisian crochet, and everything you need to know about it so that one day you and I can make that honeycomb pattern. It will take a bit of time and it will mean more tutorials, though maybe less posts and less frequent patterns since I do work a full time job (unfortunately), but I think it will give more meaning to this blog of mine: to spread the love of crochet to everyone willing to try something different.

Do you like the idea? Let me know in the comments!




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